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I am assured, "el titolo es Pitagora"

A new seasonal produce from friends at the strawberry fields of Trieste

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Enric Garcia Torrents
Dr. Sentient & Miss Chad GDP
Podcast devoted to the exploration of habits, exercises, tools, and techniques for cognitive optimization, covering topics from transcultural psychiatry to neuroscience, psychological anthropology, social approaches to mental health, and human biocultural diversity and its applications in medicine. Hosted by cognitive scientist Enric Garcia Torrents, MD-PhD trainee at the Medical Anthropology Research Center, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, and the University of Barcelona. Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Universities through the University Professors Training Program.
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Radio Fragola’s informants are sharing this Pitagorean riddle of a talk-show, and I am assuming the title is indeed Pitagora. Either that, or “el titolo es Pitagora” as a recursive questioning of where the title starts and where it ends. To some, as myself, at this point, it is starting to feel it never ceases to be the questioning on itself.

What is the title? And, why? Who says so and, should we be trusted at all? To some, Pitagora brings right to mind an equation. For others, I assume most of us, it instantly brings blooming fields of chickpeas to our dear drawing boards and dream lands. And the sad image of idiotic few trying to extract our secrets by force. “What is the title?”, they dared to ask her. Come, we will drag you to these work fields. Find it out.

Lab and fieldwork open science notes on acuity & resilience
I am assured, "el titolo es Pitagora"
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