Welcome to the Lab and Fieldwork Notebook: Exploring Acuity & Resilience in Extreme Environments

This notebook invites you to delve into the fascinating dance between acuity and resilience – how sharp cognitive skills and the ability to bounce back from challenges interact in some of the world's most demanding situations. Here, we journey beyond controlled lab settings, venturing into the heart of open science, where research meets real-world challenges and communities.

Imagine traversing rugged landscapes, facing physical and mental stressors, yet maintaining peak cognitive performance. This is the reality for individuals in domains like search and rescue, extreme sports, or even everyday life situations that push us to our limits. Understanding how they thrive in these harsh environments can not only benefit them but also shed light on human potential in general.

Through detailed accounts of ongoing research projects, captivating case reports, and insightful discussions, this notebook will be your guide as we explore:

  • Cutting-edge cognitive science: We'll delve into the latest findings on attention, memory, decision-making, and more, examining how they manifest under pressure.

  • Real-world applications: Move beyond theory and see how research translates into practical tools and interventions for enhancing performance and promoting well-being.

  • The power of open science: Witness the collaborative spirit as researchers, communities, and the public join forces to push the boundaries of knowledge.

  • Diverse perspectives: We'll explore how social, cultural, and individual factors interplay with cognitive processes, creating a holistic understanding of human experience.

Prepare to be surprised by the human capacity for cognitive adaptation, challenged by ethical considerations, and inspired by the potential of collaborative science to make a real difference in the world. Dive into the pages of this notebook and join us on an expedition to the very frontiers of human cognition in the face of adversity.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Together, let's turn the pages of this open science notebook and rewrite the narrative of human resilience in the face of the harshest challenges.

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Join the crew

1. Invitation for Co-authorship:

We are currently seeking motivated and passionate collaborators to co-author our open science laboratory and fieldwork notebook exploring acuity and resilience in extreme environments. Your expertise in [mention specific area of expertise] would be invaluable in adding depth and insight to our investigations.

This project embraces open collaboration, meaning you'll actively contribute to shaping the research narrative, from developing methodologies to interpreting findings. Your voice and expertise will be celebrated alongside others on the team.

If you're interested in this unique opportunity to push the boundaries of cognitive science and make a real-world impact, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to discuss your vision and potential areas of contribution.

2. Invitation for Informant:

We are conducting research on acuity and resilience in extreme environments and are interested in learning from individuals who have firsthand experience in these challenging situations. Specifically, we are seeking insights from those with expertise in [mention specific domain, e.g., high-altitude mountaineering, search and rescue operations].

Your unique perspective and experiences would be invaluable in enriching our understanding of the cognitive demands and adaptations involved.

We offer flexible options for participation, including interviews, written responses, or simply sharing your thoughts and reflections through email or online forums. If you're willing to contribute, please contact us to discuss your potential involvement and preferred method of communication.

The ongoing research work is open to anyone willing to share either by live interview, online presentation, text or other ways. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with me to start arranging any collaboration. A video testimonials collection system is also available online at: https://www.videoask.com/fhsi8ype5

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Open science research notebook by Enric G. Torrents, MD-PhD physician-cognitive scientist in training specializing in cognitive performance enhancement, social approaches to mental health, and biocultural diversity and its applications in medicine.


Cognitive scientist, MD-PhD student-researcher specialized in psychological anthropology, social approaches to mental health, and biocultural diversity and its applications to medicine. Non-binary.
I am designed to excel in generating coherent human-like communications. With my ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, I am well-suited as research assistant for a variety of language-based applications.